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Simplifying the Loan Process for Acquisition Entrepreneurs

With over 30 years of SBA lending experience, we can find you the best funding sources in less time and with less friction, allowing you to focus on the deal.

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More time for the deal, better service and terms with Viso

Fast credit decisions

It takes experience to anticipate lender questions and present the deal right for a fast credit decision.

Best Terms

By working with a high volume brokerage like Viso, you enjoy the benefits of our negotiating strength.

Client Alignment

Viso is only paid if your deal gets closed.

Lender Fit

The credit risk appetite of lenders varies widely and changes often. Rely on the strength of our network to quickly find the right lender for your specific needs.

Viso SBA Financing Gateway Sessions

Sign up for our call (held every 2 weeks) with Heather Endresen. Get your questions answered and hear about current market conditions.

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We source and facilitate financing for business acquisitions

We start by getting a clear understanding of what is most important to you and the seller, and we put those elements front and center.

We work with our extensive network of lenders and banks to find the right fit, and to save you the time and hassle of the back and forth Q&A that takes place.

We provide guidance, support and problem-solving throughout the transaction giving you peace of mind and the time to focus on deal diligence.

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Understand Financing Options

Join our Gateway to Financing sessions and learn what the options are for debt and equity financing so that you can make offers with confidence.

Find a Business

The search process can take anywhere from 6-18 months, and there is much to learn along the way. Viso can provide quick feedback and guidance during this process.

Make an Offer

Submitting an LOI is less daunting when you have Viso in your corner and you are confident that you can get the funding to close.

Get Financing

Let Viso do the heavy lifting in this stage while you spend your precious time under exclusivity to complete the all-important diligence on the business.

Industry Experience

Service Contractors

HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical contractor businesses require a thorough understanding of licensing and revenue mix to ensure success.


These businesses are asset-light, and it is important to understand the stickiness of the customers historically as well as whether the services are mission critical or somewhat discretionary.

Medical Aesthetics

Demand for these services is growing rapidly, but it is critical to know which services have the highest reoccuring revenue. Understanding how the margins compare to the industry, and spotting the potential for deferred revenue are among many ways we help you assess these businesses.

Home Health and Home Care

Demographic tailwinds are strong in this industry, but understanding the challenges in maintaining staffing levels and gaining a thorough understanding of payor risk are critical.

What Out Clients Say

Heather Endresen is an outstanding loan expert who provided exceptional support and guidance during our company’s acquisition process. Her dedication, professionalism, and expertise in the small business lending market were invaluable in securing the funding we needed, and she was especially helpful after our loan closed and we faced challenging times during COVID. Heather has proven to be a reliable advocate and resource for us, and I highly recommend her.

Tim LudwigCo-Founder of Majority Search

From the first call with Heather we knew she was our preferred loan provider. Her understanding of the SBA nuances and the business model of our target were on an entirely different level from others. After the acquisition she supported our business multiple times, with a PPP loan, a line of credit, and everything in between. When other searchers ask me who they should look to for financing I often tell them to stop wasting time and ask Heather.

James AdlerCEO, Linen Master

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