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Viso Business Capital was founded in 2023 during a rapidly changing banking landscape for small business lending.


Our mission is to help borrowers navigate the changing credit appetites of SBA lending banks, as well as to give those banks a more efficient channel to locate lending opportunities that fit well within their risk/reward parameters. Reducing friction, increased certainty of close and shortened cycle times for SMB acquisition transactions are the result of applying decades of experience to every detail of the deal.

Viso’s founder, Heather Endresen, has held leadership positions in banks of all sizes over her more than 30 year banking career. She spent many years managing SBA lending groups for banks from small community banks to, regional banks, to Citibank where she had P&L responsibilities as well as overseeing every aspect of the loan making process from sales and credit to closing and servicing. She spent the last 6 years prior to Viso as a top-producing sales representative for the largest SBA lender by $ volume, and consistently produced over $100 million each year.

Connect with us

Owner, Heather Endresen is active on Twitter as part of the SMB community as well as LinkedIn.