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Viso’s Deal Advisor is the alternative to error-prone excel spreadsheets and endless PDF lender Q&A forms. Our TurboTax style input allows you to build investment and cash flow models that can be dropped into excel for further tweaking. We make it easier than ever to create a beautiful and complete lender package.

If you’d like to use our Deal Advisor system

Smoothest and easiest way to put together a high-quality acquisition loan application.
Deal Advisor eliminates the need for financial training, guiding borrowers through the entire lender diligence and model process.
Viso clients can use a TurboTax-like guided walkthrough to easily answer questionnaires and create a model tailored to the lender’s needs, from simple to complex, with no experience required.
Eliminates Excel errors with 100% accurate outputs.
More focus can be allocated towards the high-touch interactions and less focus filling out lender forms is key to a speedy and successful closing.

Connect with us

Owner, Heather Endresen is active on Twitter as part of the SMB community as well as LinkedIn.